Adventure Awaits – A Case Study

Adventure Awaits is a family adventure travel blog launched by a British Columbia woman looking to detail her travels across the globe. That woman? Well, she just so happens to be the co-founder of Savage & Wiser, Jami Savage!

After launching her site, Jami experienced quick success, and soon found herself juggling not only her posts and her adventures, but also the fast-growing Savage & Wiser agency, as well as her family at home. Needless to say, there was limited time to think about scaling the website through a comprehensive digital marketing program.

As the head of a digital marketing agency, Jami was clearly qualified to take Adventure Awaits to the next level through a comprehensive marketing plan. But, she recognized that she would be better served leveraging the strengths of the agency she built, and so Savage & Wiser took on the blog as a formal client, alleviating some of the workload, and identifying the steps needed to help Adventure Awaits achieve even greater success.

First up was a full digital marketing audit. Reviewing the entire business top to bottom, we were able to uncover 7 key areas of opportunity for Adventure Awaits:

  1. The Website
    a. Fast growth over the years left The Adventure Awaits website in dire need of a redesign and restructuring, including revamping of the site layout, copy and photography.
  2. The Blog
    a. While interesting, posts on The Adventure Awaits’ blog were not long enough or deep enough to resonate with its readers. A new blog strategy was needed to address this issue.
  3. The Content Strategy
    a. Focus needed to be shifted from adding new adventures (and thus more work) for the sake of content. Instead, more and deeper content needed to be developed for the adventures that had already taken place.
  4. The Contributor Program
    a. The site’s Contributor Program needed to be redefined so that roles and responsibilities of both Adventure Awaits and each of the contributors could be tangible, trackable, and measurable.
  5. Delegation
    a. Entrepreneurial burnout is no joke. Jami’s time comes at a premium, and though she’s incredibly skilled, it was clear that she needed to focus more of her time on her key skills and areas of expertise, and begin outsourcing the rest.
  6. Social Media Strategy
    a. Adventure Awaits needed to revamp its strategies and workflows across all major social media platforms to increase interest and engagement.
  7. Cross-Marketing Opportunities
    a. Opportunities for third parties to utilize Adventure Awaits for influencer and cross-marketing engagements needed to be redefined, and a proactive approach needed to be designed and implemented.

After presenting these areas of opportunity, Jami immediately began implementation. Within one week of adopting these new strategies, Adventures Await started seeing positive results. These quick results led to renewed excitement about the possibilities ahead, which in turn, revitalized Jami, who has committed herself to building on this early momentum to take her business to the next level through sustained, measurable growth.

The Savage & Wiser team was honored to work hand-in-hand with its founder on such a personal project. And of course, we wish Jami continued success, safe travels, and an unending thirst for adventure!

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