Discover Lifestyle Fraser Valley – A Case Study

Discover Lifestyle was started with a single purpose: to help the everyone gain access to high quality, handcrafted products that are as good for your body as they are for the earth.

Founded by a tenacious self-starter named Christina, it didn’t take long for the brand to come to life. Admirably, Christina did all the heavy lifting to start, sourcing her products, creating her social media pages, and building her brand’s website. And before long, Discover Lifestyle went from one woman’s vision to a fully-functioning business.

The initial response and traction were great. But deep down, Christina knew that in order to scale a lifestyle business, she needed more than just a website and some social posts. She needed a comprehensive marketing strategy. She needed to build a brand.

And so, she reached out to Savage & Wiser to lend a hand.

From our first meeting with Christina, it was clear that she had absolutely no shortage of great ideas. But, she was finding it difficult to translate these ideas into a clear brand strategy for Discover Lifestyle. Thankfully, this is where our team shines. Led by our founder Jessica Wiser, we helped Christina take her great ideas and turn them into a cohesive brand.

In the end, we developed a full brand toolkit for Discover Lifestyle, which included items such as:

• Refined Brand Logo
• Established Brand Color Palette
• Mission Statement
• Brand Story
• Website Copy
• Social Media Content Buckets
• Brand Voice
• Brand Fonts
• Instagram Feed Layouts
• Sample Pinterest Pins
• Comprehensive Social Media & Blogging Strategy

These tools were compiled lovingly into Discover Lifestyle’s new Brand Kit, providing Christina with an actionable roadmap and set of tools to drive her brand forward.

Now, Christina has answers to all her brand questions. Does this copy work for Instagram? Will carrying this new skincare brand align with our mission? Does this event make sense for us to attend? Does this blog post match our brand voice? Etc.

With Savage & Wiser’s Brand Kit, Christina is empowered knowing that she can make the right choices that align with her vision for the Discover Lifestyle brand. Not only that, but as the company continues to flourish, this Brand Kit will be instrumental in ensuring new hires are crystal clear on her strategy for the brand, allowing Christina to spend less time training, and more time growing her business.

With values very much aligned with our own, Savage & Wiser loved working with Christina and the Discover Lifestyle brand. We’ve become raving fans of her signature subscription boxes, and cannot wait to watch her business grow!

Ready to take your brand to the next level, and experience results like Discover Lifestyle? Contact us today to book your own Branding Consultation.

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