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The only thing as exciting as building great digital marketing campaigns? Teaching others how to build them too!

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a hands on, action oriented workshop where you’ll learn how to up your IG game in 2 hours. This course is for entrepreneurs, account managers, and anyone wanting to harness the power of Instagram as a marketing tool to help them grow their business.

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The Entrepreneur’s DIY Social Media Toolkit

Building your social media channels can feel a little like hunting for treasure. Sure, you realize the gold is out there somewhere, but without a map, it’s really hard to know where to dig.

Well thankfully, our team is here to draw you that map….

In this immersive, one-on-one workshop, we train entrepreneurs with businesses of all shapes and sizes on how to leverage the full power of social for their business. Starting with a comprehensive audit of your current social media practices, your competition, and your industry, we’ll work together to build you a customized social media toolkit that identifies the unique areas of opportunity for your business. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to confidently move your social campaigns forward, knowing exactly where “X” marks the spot. Click here for upcoming sessions.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp for Groups and Teams

In this digital age, there are a massive number of touch points a business has with its customers. It can be – to put it lightly – quite daunting.

But it doesn’t have to be. Let us untangle this web, and empower your teams to become digital ambassadors for your brand. Through customized training sessions, we’ll teach your team members how to succeed in this digital-first landscape. From understanding how to leverage online platforms as a customer experience tool, to turning every employee into a marketing powerhouse by driving engagement on your social media platforms, your teams will emerge from our Digital Marketing Bootcamp with a clear direction, purpose, and toolkit to drive new success for your brand.

Brand Development for Entrepreneurs

Building a brand is a lot more than a fancy logo or a tagline on a business card.

The world’s most admired brands are the ones that evolve into a living, breathing entity, complete with their own look, feel, and soul. The kind of brands you can describe just as quickly and easily as you can describe your best friend.

We can help you become one of these brands.

From developing a brand voice and mission statement, to curating brand colour schemes and fonts, our Brand Development for Entrepreneurs program will help your brand create its unique identity, and show your how to bring it to life. By the end of the process, you’ll walk away with a custom Brand Guide for your business, ensuring every decision you and your team makes moving forward aligns with your unique vision for your brand.

Customized Coaching and Training

One of the best perks of building a full-service digital marketing agency is the team you build along the way. Our crew of marketing masters has an incredibly diverse range of skills, with decades’ worth of experience across a vast array of clients and industries.

We know, we know…this sounds like a not-so-humble brag. But don’t worry, we’re not greedy. We love every opportunity we get to share our marketing muscle!

That’s right, your business can take advantage of the amazing talent we’ve compiled here at Savage & Wiser through a wide range of customized coaching and training services. Need to understand the basics of writing clickable, engaging copy? We’ve got you covered. Looking to make sense of your Google AdWords account? We’ll have you optimizing CPM’s in no time!

If you’re ready to take your marketing game to the next level, let’s start building a custom training program for you today!

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