Carlos Coker, Barber – A Case Study

One of the best parts of our job here at Savage & Wiser is helping passionate people show their true selves to the world. We had the pleasure of doing just that with a talented barber by the name of Carlos Coker. From the second we heard Carlos’ story, we knew we wanted to help him build his brand. For you see, Carlos had always had a passion for hair, sharpening his skills on the steps of his neighbourhood in the Bay Area of [...]

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Westcoast Nutrition – A Case Study

A Fresh Start for Westcoast Nutrition In the fall of 2018, Savage & Wiser has the pleasure of working with Westcoast Nutrition, a full-service nutritional program dedicated to providing clients with proven, modern advice and tools to take control of their nutritional health. While owner and Head Dietician Michelle had developed a fresh, modern approach to nutrition, she unfortunately did not have a fresh, modern brand. In fact, Westcoast Nutrition’s branding and web presence would more aptly be described as dated and dull than [...]

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Discover Lifestyle Fraser Valley – A Case Study

Discover Lifestyle was started with a single purpose: to help the everyone gain access to high quality, handcrafted products that are as good for your body as they are for the earth. Founded by a tenacious self-starter named Christina, it didn’t take long for the brand to come to life. Admirably, Christina did all the heavy lifting to start, sourcing her products, creating her social media pages, and building her brand’s website. And before long, Discover Lifestyle went from one woman’s vision to a [...]

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Blacksmith Bakery Video for Leigh Turnbull – Case Study

In Langley, British Columbia, the word “community” still means something to local realtor Leigh Turnbull. Leigh loves Langley. Not just the place, but the people. The 25,000 individuals that call this place home. All the folks that make it such a wonderful community for Leigh and the families he helps settle down here. In addition to all the great people, Langley is home to some amazing small businesses. Leigh is particularly fond of the local coffee shop and café Fort Langley’s Blacksmith Bakery. Not only [...]

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Adventure Awaits – A Case Study

Adventure Awaits is a family adventure travel blog launched by a British Columbia woman looking to detail her travels across the globe. That woman? Well, she just so happens to be the co-founder of Savage & Wiser, Jami Savage! After launching her site, Jami experienced quick success, and soon found herself juggling not only her posts and her adventures, but also the fast-growing Savage & Wiser agency, as well as her family at home. Needless to say, there was limited time to think about [...]

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Carole’s Healing Touch – A Case Study

Carole’s Healing Touch is a therapy and rehabilitation practice located on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Skilled in a vast array of treatments, Carole works with her clients to relieve a variety of ailments, including pain, disease, and trauma. Praised by her clients for the safe, respectful environment in which she conducts her treatment, Carole’s primary driver of new business was client referrals. While effective, it presented a challenge, as Carole had no website to which clients could send potential new patients for more information. [...]

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