Westcoast Nutrition – A Case Study

A Fresh Start for Westcoast Nutrition

In the fall of 2018, Savage & Wiser has the pleasure of working with Westcoast Nutrition, a full-service nutritional program dedicated to providing clients with proven, modern advice and tools to take control of their nutritional health.

While owner and Head Dietician Michelle had developed a fresh, modern approach to nutrition, she unfortunately did not have a fresh, modern brand. In fact, Westcoast Nutrition’s branding and web presence would more aptly be described as dated and dull than modern and fresh. With a growing roster of happy clients, Michelle did not have the time or the resources to dedicated to managing an overhaul of her brand, and so she reached out to the team here at Savage & Wiser to see how we could help.

We immediately took a shine to Westcoast Nutrition. Listening to Michelle talk about her history with food, and how she takes her years of experience as an Oncology Dietitian to create specialized nutritional advice for her clients, you could clearly see her passion and love for helping people transform their lives. We wanted this to be reflected in her new brand, highlighting her compassion, energy, uplifting spirit and supportive nature, as well as her medical background and scientifically proven techniques. And so, we brought together the team, and began building a new brand for Westcoast Nutrition.

Over the course of several weeks, the Savage & Wiser team worked hand-in-hand with Michelle to create all the assets she would need to introduce a fresh, modern Westcoast Nutrition to the world. This included a completely redesigned website with striking visuals and engaging SEO-rich copy, a refreshed logo and colour scheme, a new biography and brand story to share with clients, content strategies, social media overhauls, and so much more.

In the end, we presented Michelle with a full Brand Guide for Westcoast Nutrition, one that can serve as her playbook and her roadmap. She finally has a fresh brand to match her fresh take on nutrition, and we look forward to watching her continued success changing lives for years to come.

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