Carole’s Healing Touch – A Case Study

Carole’s Healing Touch is a therapy and rehabilitation practice located on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

Skilled in a vast array of treatments, Carole works with her clients to relieve a variety of ailments, including pain, disease, and trauma.

Praised by her clients for the safe, respectful environment in which she conducts her treatment, Carole’s primary driver of new business was client referrals. While effective, it presented a challenge, as Carole had no website to which clients could send potential new patients for more information.

Seeing the need for an online space that explained the full breadth of her treatment services and abilities to these individuals, Carole contacted Savage & Wiser looking for a solution. Working together, we built a beautiful, thoughtfully-designed site that shares all of what makes Carole’s Healing Touch unique. We also established a Facebook presence for her brand that mirrors the website, and allows Carole to communicate directly with her growing community.

Best of all, the site was built to be self-hosting. Meaning that Carole herself – with no web development training or experience – can easily make updates to her website as her business evolves.

Savage & Wiser was honoured to work with such an amazing organization, and are proud knowing that our work might play a small role in helping people find the treatment they need. If you or someone you know may benefit from Carole’s Healing Touch, you may contact her here.

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