Blacksmith Bakery Video for Leigh Turnbull – Case Study

In Langley, British Columbia, the word “community” still means something to local realtor Leigh Turnbull. Leigh loves Langley. Not just the place, but the people. The 25,000 individuals that call this place home. All the folks that make it such a wonderful community for Leigh and the families he helps settle down here.

In addition to all the great people, Langley is home to some amazing small businesses. Leigh is particularly fond of the local coffee shop and café Fort Langley’s Blacksmith Bakery. Not only do they dish out delicious coffee and irresistible desserts, but their welcoming atmosphere serves as the perfect location for Leigh to meet his clients. And he has a lot of client meetings at Blacksmith Bakery.

When dreaming up a new promotional video for his real estate business, Leigh decided that Blacksmith Bakery would be the perfect co-star, allowing him to not only promote himself, but one of the things that makes Langley so unique. But there was just one problem. Leigh had no idea how to go about crafting such a marketing piece…

So he turned to the team here at Savage & Wiser to bring this video to life. Working together with both Leigh and Blacksmith Bakery, we crafted the perfect piece of content that not only integrated both their businesses, but helped Langley shine in the process. In the end, Leigh was able to utilize the video to drive significant engagement and interest across his social channels, connecting him with new families that one day (through Leigh’s help) might call Langley home too.

Check out the finished product below, and start dreaming about the amazing things your business can do with a revamped collection of social media content!

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