Carlos Coker, Barber – A Case Study

One of the best parts of our job here at Savage & Wiser is helping passionate people show their true selves to the world. We had the pleasure of doing just that with a talented barber by the name of Carlos Coker.

From the second we heard Carlos’ story, we knew we wanted to help him build his brand. For you see, Carlos had always had a passion for hair, sharpening his skills on the steps of his neighbourhood in the Bay Area of California. Relatives, friends, strangers – it didn’t matter whose hair Carlos was cutting, so long as he was behind the scissors.

However, this passion was locked away for a period of time as Carlos went on to pursue a more “traditional” role at a major corporation. But his craft kept calling and calling, until eventually he left behind the safety and security of Corporate America to launch his brand: Carlos Coker Barber.

Unfortunately, when we first started working with Carlos, this amazing story wasn’t being told, and Carlos’ public-facing brand did not match the amazing transformations he brought to his clients. His busy hours as a small business owner left Carlos with little time to groom his social media and web presence, and as such, these channels were left cluttered, disorganized, and unable to portray Carlos’ brand of cutting-edge style, sophistication, and class.

Working together, we built a full brand guide and social media strategy for Carlos Coker Barber. One that displayed his attention to detail, and ability to make his clients walk away from his chair with newfound confidence, their heads held higher than they were when they walked in the door 20 minutes prior.

Now, this busy business owner has a playbook upon which he can quickly and easily grow his professional brand. One that will ensure he can finally share his incredible story, and ensure that Carlos Coker Barber continues its rapid growth in the world of high-end men’s grooming.

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